WIGO-Garden is a brand that brings together the entire range of products dedicated to both the home and garden industry. We offer their:

  • agrotextiles,
  • agrofabrics,
  • tarpaulins,
  • high-quality shading and fencing knitted fabrics with a UV filter,
  • products made of ecological fibers (jute, coir, bamboo).

Under the Wigo-garden brand, the most proven and reputable suppliers manufacture for us high-quality garden products, both form domestic and overseas markets. We are pleased to arrange full container orders as well as palletized ones. Depending on the expectations, the customer may take advantage of the prepaid delivery or collect the goods on their own.

The Wigo-Garden offer is dedicated to the needs of people working in gardening, plant nurseries, companies specializing in arranging and maintaining gardens and green areas, as well as construction companies and developers. However, our proposal may be interesting not only for contractors, but also for traders. We are sure that our wide assortment and the possibility of making individual orders will allow each customer to find the right fabrics and products tailored to their needs.

We would like to assure you that in the case of long-term cooperation, based on stable deliveries, we offer very attractive discounts.

If you would like to learn more about the terms of cooperation, we invite you to contact us directly.


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